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ID 1212403
item_title (IT) Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trainer
item_link http://www.jobserve.com/de/en/RC3CC88BAF0CC6E970C.jsap
Rate: 300 - 375 per day   Location: City of London   

This organisation are currently undergoing a digital transformation, including the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. There is therefore an increased demand for Dynamics CRM training across multiple business areas. If you have experience in Dynamics CRM training, and are available from mid August until mid-end of November, apply here and I will call to discuss the positions in detail.
Rate:300 - 375 per day
Location:City of London
Contact:Wil Nixon
Advertiser:IO Associates
Start Date:12/08/2019
guid http://www.jobserve.com/de/en/RC3CC88BAF0CC6E970C.jsap
item_pubdate 16/07/2019
isExternal True
JobFeedType crm

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